Penbo for Media Watch?

David Penberthy’s article in ‘The Punch” today looks at the role of celebrity agent / PR man Max Markson in the recent Lara Bingle affair.  The thrust of Penberthey’s article is that Markson’s attempts to maximise the short term revenue opportunity from the recent media attention has in fact harmed, rather than helped, Bingle’s reputation.  Penberthy is well aware of the irony of his moral outrage:

“I’m under no illusions about the perception of journalists and journalism. And, as a former editor of The Daily Telegraph, I’m not about to embark on a career as an ethicist. “ (The Punch, 15/03/2010)

Maybe not a career as an ethicist, but perhaps the ABC should consider him as the next host of Media Watch.  Whilst he’s no ‘clean skin’, appointing Penberthy would be a great example of ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’. After all. who better to highlight all the tricks of the media trade than a former Daily Telegraph editor?

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