For all the geeks out there and those thinking of setting up their own blog – here’s a quick view of how we’re set up here at MinimalState.

Domain Name: Namecheap
Although the headline price wasn’t the cheapest, Namecheap offered competitively priced WHOIS privacy which helped bring down the overall cost of domain registration and privacy protection.

Hosting: JustHost
If you’re prepared to pay up front for a few years of hosting, JustHost works out incredibly cheap. And with few limits on the amount of space and traffic used, there’s the peace of mind of not having to constantly monitor traffic the way one might with a provider that charges for excess bandwidth.

Blog Platform: WordPress
Originally chosen based on familiarity, the extensive range of plugins, widgets, themes and online support, as well as ease of set-up, have confirmed that this was a good choice.

Blog Security:
In the interests of security we won’t be giving away exactly what was done to help make this blog more secure, nor what plugins and services we use. However two articles that really helped shape the security plan for MinimalState where:

If you run your own wordpress blog and haven’t thought about security before now – you should check out these articles.

Backups: WordPress Database Backup Automated WordPress Backup
Creating backups is a lot like exercise – it’s something everyone knows they should do regularly but always says “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Fortunately for WordPress users, it’s easy to automate backups. Minimalstate has a two step backup process.

Step 1: Using WordPress Database Backup,  a database copy is automatically created each day and forwarded to a designated Gmail account..

Step 2:  Automated WordPress Backup is used to create a more comprehensive weekly backup that includes not only a database backup, but also backups of plugins, themes and uploaded content. This is automatically uploaded to Amazon S3 for storage. Old backups are automatically deleted after a designated period.

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