Terabyte Delight or Terror Byte?

I have a new post at TEX,  looking at the market buzz around terabyte broadband plans. The short version of my argument: whilst there are some users who consistently use  a terabyte or more, this is a lot more data than most currently need.  Anyway, the post  got picked up by the media, being covered by both ZDNet and IT News. ZD Net, Telstra Attacks Terabyte Fad IT News, Telstra says: Don’t take terabyte broadband bait

iiNet takes Netspace: The benefits of scale

Having recently reached 460k broadband subscribers, TPG appeared to have  snatched third place in the fixed broadband market. But any glory was short lived,  with iiNet  reclaiming its number three position by announcing the acquisition of Melbourne based Netspace.   In exchange for $40m, iiNet has added ~70k broadband subscribers , bringing it to 520k broadband services in operation. But is bigger better?