Hetero sex scandal?

One day, public figures being gay and/or enjoying sex won’t be newsworthy. Unfortunately for David Campbell,  that day is yet to dawn.  As Channel Seven demonstrated earlier this year, for some journalists and the audience they serve, that combination is still seen as scandalous. When the David Campbell story broke,  LE  pointed out the mixed messages being sent out on this topic.  At the same time some members of the media where busy berating Jason Akermanis for discouraging gay AFL players from coming out, “gay sex scandal” was rapidly becoming the headline of the day as the David Campbell story escalated. Seven’s original story was accompanied by allegations Campbell had misused his ministerial car in order to attend “Kens at Kensington” and that he had […]

Competition for Audiences – Platforms v Programs

One of the common challenges faced by both telco and media operators is managing the introduction of new products that cannibalise existing cash cows. The telecommunications sector faces a number of examples of this such as the substitution of mobile phones and VoIP for traditional PSTN lines and calling. Introducing new products that position the company for the future, whilst maximising the profits from established products, is a delicate balancing act. It’s also one that has the potential to create internal conflict, as the Seven network appears to have discovered recently.