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A libertarian with a love of life, liberty and sport. With over almost twenty years experience researching and working in the IT & telecoms sector, HeathG has worked in a variety of roles including economics tutor, part-time soldier, process analysis, product management, research and competitive intelligence. When not working or blogging, he can usually be found playing backyard cricket (or football),  playing netball, gaming (XBox, PC and iPad) or spending family TV watching food shows. (Please note author Disclaimers and Disclosures)

Past Authors
These authors are no longer active posters on this blog. Posts by these authors will now appear as posts by “admin” as they are no longer active contributors.

Kodjo is an economist who specializes in regulation and competition law, especially as applied to electronic communications. Kodjo’s past clients have included large established telcos, more recent entrants, industry associations, government bodies and non-government organizations.

A father of 3, Husband (of 1, just to clarify), IT Lead at a Telstra call centre and serial facebook application blocker, Collin considers himself a communication, technology and science buff. He often finds himself pondering subjects that confuse him, and loves it. He is interested in web design, programming for Windows and more recently has developed a dangerously close to evangelistic appreciation of social media. Fortunately for us all, he’s not really qualified to have an opinion on much, but he can’t seem to break the habit.