Marriage Equality: The Greens’ choose power over principle. And where is GetUp! ?

When it comes to their power grab coalition with the LNP, The Greens just keep digging themselves a deeper hole, even misrepresenting the views of others to cover up their power-lust. But yesterday’s events should also raise questions about the commitment of GetUp! to its own principles. Senator Leyonhjelm showed in the Senate yesterday that when it came to choosing between their own marriage equality bill, and cementing their political power, the Greens preferred power. Rather than allow their own marriage equality bill to be properly debated, they’ve tried to save face by forcing it in to a one hour time slot Thursday. Senator Penny Wong sums up the farce nicely: “This is manifestly inadequate, and the Greens know it,” she said. “They take this position […]

Can you hear me Major Tom?

With David Bowie’s death, many people are sharing the connection they felt to the performer and his music. Though not a big follower of Bowie, there was one song that always made my chest tighten and my eyes swell. When you’re a kid, it’s easy to dream big. Throughout most of primary school, I wanted to fly the space shuttle. I started school in the year of the first shuttle flight, and was still relatively young when tragedy struck the Challenger mission. The toy box at my parents house probably still contains the die-cast metal space shuttle that I would fly on my simulated missions. I’ve no idea when I first heard ‘Space Oddity’, and for a long time I actually thought the song was […]

Scroll no further – there be dragons

This post marks the beginning of a new and hopefully reinvigorated life for  The Minimal State blog. If you happen to scroll past this point, you’ll be taking a bit of a leap back in time. There’s some interesting stuff covered in the old posts, but most of it is four or fives years old. If you’re looking for anything recent, don’t cross this line.  

Corporate Blogging at Telstra Exchange

One of the great things about writing your own blog is the freedom. You get to choose  the style, the format and the frequency of posting. You get to set the rules of the blog, and so long as your employer is supportive of private blogging,  there’s scope for discussing pretty much any topic – even those that may be work related. But as a writer, there’s a different challenge in writing for a specific audience or in a particular format. This is part of the reason I’ve become an official  blogger at Telstra Exchange (TEX). Writing for TEX means pushing ones self to write to someone else’s requirements. For example,  whilst conciseness is something I strive for , my more analytical posts tend to be […]

The State of the Population

Thanks Julie Gillard. Really. Some time ago, I was going to post on the ‘Population Crisis’ as it had been reported at the time (months ago) and why I though, generally speaking, it was rubbish. I held off, as accurate statistics were tricky to get hold of, and I’m generally pretty easy to distract. I blame Twitter. Julie has gone and put our population, and the illegal immigrant portion thereof, back in the spotlight. (A great speech, I recommend you read in its entirety. It is somewhat lengthy, feel free to finish this before you do.) The real population crisis, is much, much worse. Here’s the thing about population. There’s a lot of it. Not just here, but globally. We breed like rabbits. No – […]

We are one, but who are we?

Much has been made of racism and racist attitudes in Australia recently. MinimalState’s own HeathG made the case in the wake of the racially charged bumper sticker debacle that underlying racially prejudiced sentiment in this country should be exposed, rather than banned. It’s not the outspokenly prejudiced that I’m concerned about though – it’s the rest of us. You know, the one’s who “aren’t” racist. I’ll wait a minute while your defensiveness dies back down as you detect the sarcasm. Good. Moving on then. I’ve always thought that the way we use words and how a question is posed can give a valuable insight into it’s answer, and this one has always been a favourite of mine. We seem to be asking a lot the […]

DSL Downtime

A brief apology for the lack of recent posting. My DSL connection has been unusable since Thursday 23rd and is continuing to experience slow/no data flow issues. Blogging will probably be quite light on until the issue is resolved.

Welcome to CollinsVU

MinimalState would like to welcome its newest contributor, CollinsVU. A father of 3, husband (of 1, just to clarify), IT Lead at a Telstra call centre and serial facebook application blocker, CollinsVU is a communication, technology and science buff with an  evangelistic appreciation of social media. More information about CollinsVU can be found on the authors page or on his blog,  Prometheous Ink. CollinsVU’s disclosures and disclaimer information can be found on the disclaimer page.

Kaggle, competitions and competitive intelligence

Today, economist and blogger Nicholas Gruen announced that he had become chairman of Kaggle is a service that allows companies to run data-modelling and prediction competitions. Two type of competitions are supported – competitions to predict the past and competitions to predict the future. “Predicting the past requires contestants to build models that are evaluated against a past event (the idea being that highly performing models can then be adopted by the competition host) … Predicting the future requires contestants to make predictions about a future event. Organizations may then choose to act on predictions made by contestants who have a history of forecasting accurately. ” ( 14/04/2010) Nicholas cites a couple of sources of inspiration for Kaggle. First is the Netflix Prize, where an online movie provider […]