What is the posts/comments policy for MinimalState?
The topics discussed on this blog may be controversial at times and generate vigorous debate. MinimalState aims to provide a free forum for discussion with minimal rules and intervention. After all, that’s the idea of a minimal state. However MinimalState is not a public space, it’s a private blog. Passionate argument is welcome but the house rule is keep it civilised.

Where personal abuse, trolling or other anti-social behaviour is detected, the offending post may be deleted or edited. Similarly, comments or posts that are identified as potentially exposing the blog to legal action (e.g. defamation) may be edited or removed.

Why have these rules been put in place?
The comments policy exists primarily to reduce the legal risks the blog and it’s contributors are exposed to. No-one wants to lose their ass(ets) because of something written on this blog. The comments policy also exists to try and encourage a more friendly and inclusive comments culture.

How are the rules enforced?
MinimalState is spare-time hobby for those involved, and as such comments on the site are not proactively monitored or moderated. If you see something you believe breaches the posts/comments policy, please use the Contact page to bring it to the attention of an administrator.

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